Sexual Diseases - Cystitis, Pubic Lice, Chlamydia, Syphilis

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Getting diagnosed with HPV doesn't mean it's the end of the world. As long as you have the right information on the different kinds of remedies for warts to guide you, you won't have to suffer from this embarrassing condition again. Don't forget to ask your doctor about the latest medical studies and prescriptions that might be able to help put an end to this disease.

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The contraceptive pill is an alternative solution that is well suited to long-term couples who have been dating a while. Here the woman will use the pill in order to prevent getting pregnant and this will do away with the need for condoms after you have both been tested. However it's important to note that contraceptive pills will only protect you from pregnancy – not from STIs –so they aren't a condom replacement. Likewise you should note that they can cause hormonal changes and may not be suitable for those who are above a weight limit. They can be used in conjunction with condoms to further diminish the likelihood of an accidental pregnancy.

The fact that to date, there is no known cure for the disease does little to quell such concerns, but it is essential that we actually get the disease into the proper perspective. Not only is the disease easily prevented, the types of behavior which are likely to cause the disease by themselves carry only a small probability of the disease being transmitted.

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