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But countless numbers of men (and women) have had reason to regret such a momentary lapse in judgment when, a few days or weeks later, they discover that they have been left with an unwelcome souvenir of the experience. While many STDs can be successfully treated, some are incurable, and all of them can cause a great deal of discomfort – both physical and emotional. In the end, it is much easier and more sensible to take the necessary precautions in order to protect the penis against contracting a venereal disease.

Contraception is hardly a romantic word and it's not something that most of us particularly enjoy to think about. Making love is of course a highly passionate and romantic act that happens 'in the moment' and brings two people closer together – it can feel like a dream or a Disney movie – but then talk of contraception can bring that dream crashing back down to Earth.

In the Western world, the rate of transmission of HIV between male and female partners who engage in penetrative vaginal sex, which is unprotected (without the usage of a condom) stands at 0.04%. What this means then is that a heterosexual man has a 0.04% chance of acquiring the disease if he has unprotected vaginal sex.

There are various types of condoms available in the market, all having different attributes. One condom brand which stands out in the crowd is Mojo Condoms. These condoms are aimed at the sexually active young generation. The embarrassment factor has been wiped off with the release of this brand. The Mojo brand portrays confidence and revitalizes the youth to practice safe sex and ensure maximum safety while making love.

List three things your partner likes the most during sex. List three things your partner does not like during sex. Invent a fun, safe non-verbal way to communicate with each other what you do and don’t like in lovemaking.

By sexually transmitted disease, it means any infection or disease passed on from one person to another through sexual intercourse or oral sex. A sexually transmitted disease can also be acquired via the shared use of needles by drug users. One in five Americans has a sexually transmitted disease and the risk for contracting such is astoundingly high. Studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) indicated that there are 2.8 million of new cases of Chlamydia annually in the United States. Women have the greater tendency of acquiring the sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia and the rate of new cases for women is 3% higher than that of men.